Alif Programing Language

Why Alif Programing Language?

by Umair Mukhtar Sept 8th, 2016

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To represent Urdu in Computer Science!

Although there exist many programing languages in the world of Computer Science but there is not a Single One in Urdu. Alif is world's very first and only Programing Language in which code is written completly Urdu. Hence Alif is representing Urdu in Computer Science.

Equal Oppertunities

In the present age of technological revolution where all the information of the world litrally fits right into your palm, where wars are being fought on Computer rather than the battle grounds we are keeping our children deprived of technological education and this is the Reason Pakistan is not making enough progress in the field of Information Technology. Alif beleives that every kid of Pakistan should be provided with equal oppertunity to learn programing this will promote the art of logic building among the kids of Pakistan.

To Make Programing Easier

Alif has been developed by keeping simplicity in mind so that it becomes easy for the small kids to learn about different concepts of Programing and that too in their native language Urdu. For example a simplel Drawing App program in ALif Programing Language takes only three lines of Code , you can add or subtract pictures by simply loading them in two separate variables subtracting them as you do with simple number. A new and easier way of looping things has been introduced in ALif Programing Language.

In the end...

Alif not about you and me , its about us. It's about those millions of kids who deserve to get a chance to learn programing just like you and me do.It's about Urdu that needs promotion and it's about a country which is strugling with high rate of unemployment. It's about love.

Alif Programing Language
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